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About Me

Hi! I am a 28 year old full-time artist from Tahekeroa – a rural area North of Auckland.  I am lucky to be surrounded by native bush and the beautiful birds of New Zealand, which definitely inspired my love of painting all things nature.


My art style has been quite a journey, starting with pen and pencil and just a hint of colour and very fine, detailed work, sometimes adding a little scene or touch of whimsy within my drawing.


After experimenting with different mediums, acrylic paint became a firm favourite and with this came experimenting with colours and shapes and my love of abstract art.


I feel a freedom with this style where I can add shapes, patterns and textures and enjoy how each viewer sees something different in the same painting.


Of course, every now and then I love to add that little detail, maybe a little bee or insect, or sometimes a little more abstract in the form of flowers, plants and landscapes.


I am eternally grateful to my family who offer so much support and allow me to do what I love every day.


I hope you enjoy browsing through my prints and originals and appreciate you taking the time to view my website.


Laura xx

Hummingbirds Original Painting.jpeg
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